Install The Universal Indicator File

Importing Your TradeSafe Universal Trend/Congestion Indicator Into NinjaTrader v8

Note: As described earlier on our sales page, this indicator is designed to work only in the NinjaTrader platform. Do not attempt to install it in any other software.

Before beginning your installation, make sure that NinjaTrader is not connected to a live data feed.

After downloading the TradeSafe Universal Trend/Congestion Indicator to a location you can find later (e.g., your desktop), do NOT attempt to unzip the file. It must be imported into NinjaTrader as a zip file.

Once the installation is complete, you must still add it to any chart you wish to trade. It will appear in a list of available indicators.

Please use this link to follow video instructions for correct installation:

This is the official NinjaTrader Video Guides page. Click on the “Install 3rd-Party App or Add -On” icon for installation instructions.

In the following section, you will be provided post-installation instructions on how to properly use the TradeSafe Universal Trend/Congestion Indicator, as well as additional bonus instructions for how to use it in two separate trading systems.

For support questions related to installation or about the NinjaTrader platform, please contact NinjaTrader. For specific questions about the indicator itself, send an email to [email protected]